Singapore, 16 January 2023

We have great pleasure to announce and welcome the addition of Mr. Hee Theng Fong, as a full-time arbitrator Resident of The Arbitration Chambers.

It is with great pleasure that we announce and welcome Mr Hee Theng Fong as the newest full-time Resident of The Arbitration Chambers. Mr Hee will join us as from 1 February 2023 as a full-time professional arbitrator and mediator.

Mr Hee joined the Singapore government legal service upon his graduation in 1979 from University of Singapore, Law Faculty. He also holds a Diploma in PRC Law. He has been trained at Harvard Law School in Advanced Mediation Workshop. As a proficient bilingual (English/Mandarin) lawyer, he had for more than 40 years, spent much of that in large specialist practices representing parties in litigation and arbitration in over 200 cases most of which have been reported in Singapore Law Reports and numerous law journals. In recent years he had devoted much his time sitting as arbitrator and mediator, written many awards in both English and Chinese in matters administered under SIAC, CIETAC, HKIAC and ICC rules. He is a Specialist Mediator (China) and Ambassador for the Singapore International Mediation Centre (SIMC).

Mr Hee is a Fellow of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (UK) and Singapore Institute of Arbitrators (SIArb). He is on the panel of arbitrators of numerous arbitral institutions including:

  • Singapore International Arbitration Centre
  • China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission
  • Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre
  • Beijing Arbitration Commission/Beijing International Arbitration Centre
  • Shanghai International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission/Shanghai International Arbitration Centre
  • Shanghai Arbitration Commission
  • Hainan International Arbitration Court
  • Huizhou Arbitration Commission
  • Chongqing Arbitration Commission
  • Wuhan Arbitration Commission
  • Asia International Arbitration Centre

Mr Hee speaks frequently at international dispute resolution events. Recent ones include the First CIETAC Global Arbitrators Forum 2018; the 3rd CCPIT International Mediation Summit 2018, International Arbitration Procedure in 2022 jointly organized by Shanghai Arbitration Commission and Shanghai Bar Association, and the mediation training in 2022 organized jointly by CCPIT and ICDPASO. He also teaches for SIAC China Academy with Fudan University Law School in 2020. He serves on the committee of the China Ready Program under the Singapore Ministry of Law and the Singapore-China Joint Experts Team formed by the Singapore Ministry of Law and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade.

Mr VK Rajah SC, the former Attorney General of Singapore and a former Judge of Appeal of Singapore Supreme Court says:

      “Theng Fong is a conscientious, able and conspicuously fair arbitrator. His uncommon ability to understand and process even-handedly cross-cultural differences is an enormous asset.”

Prof. Shen Sibao, a renowned international jurist, former Dean of Law School at University of International Business and Economics, who currently serves as Dean of Law School at Shanghai University, an expert member of the International Commercial Expert Committee (ICEC) of the Supreme People’s Court of the PRC and Chairman of the Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration says:

      “Mr Hee is a dedicated, meticulous and extremely patient arbitrator. He understands the Common law legal philosophy as well as the PRC legal system. In his handling of the numerous commercial arbitration cases, he has shown himself to be always fair and reasonable. These are his strengths which he brings to advance the cause of international arbitration.”

我们非常高兴的宣布并欢迎许廷芳律师从2023年2月1日起加入The Arbitration Chambers成为一名全职的常驻专业仲裁员及调解员。

许律师1979年毕业于新加坡大学法学院后加入国家法律部,并拥有苏州大学中国法律专业文凭, 曾受训于哈佛法学院的高级调解课程。许律师精通双语(中英文),是一名拥有四十多年诉讼和仲裁经验的新加坡资深执业律师。许律师以律师或仲裁员或调解员的身份处理过两百余宗民事诉讼,国际仲裁和调解案件,其中多宗案例已列入新加坡判例汇编和各法律期刊。近年来,许律师更专注于仲裁和调解工作,在新加坡国际仲裁中心,中国国际经济贸易仲裁委员会,香港国际仲裁中心和国际商会仲裁院等规则下的国际仲裁案件中以中英文发表过多篇裁决书。许律师也是新加坡国际调解中心的特使及(中国)专家调解员。


  • 新加坡国际仲裁中心
  • 中国国际经济贸易仲裁委员会
  • 香港国际仲裁中心
  • 北京仲裁中心
  • 上海国际仲裁中心
  • 上海仲裁委员会
  • 海南国际仲裁院
  • 惠州仲裁委员会
  • 重庆仲裁委员会
  • 武汉仲裁委员会
  • 亚洲国际仲裁中心

许律师经常受邀在国际纠纷解决机制的研讨会上发表演讲。近期的演讲包括“2018首届贸仲全球仲裁员大会”,中国贸促会举办的“2018年第三届国际调解高峰论坛”,2022年由上海仲裁委员会和上海律师协会联办的国际仲裁程序全景研习会,以及2022年由中国贸促会和国际商事争端预防与解决组织联办的国际调解培训课程。许律师是2020年新加坡国际仲裁中心和复旦大学法学合作课程的讲师。许律师是新加坡律政部推出的 “中国通识” 新计划的委员会成员,也是新加坡律政部和中国国际贸易促进委员会推出的中国-新加坡争端解决联合机制工作组专家团成员。

新加坡前总检察长兼新加坡最高法院前上诉法官 VK Rajah 高级律师说 :






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